About us

Aurica Ltd. was established in 2007, and today, it is one of the leading companies on hearing aid market in Russia.

Analog and digital hearing aids produced under Aurica brand conform to European and global standards. These state-of-the art devices are designed to compensate for hearing loss of any severity.

For our patients to be absolutely sure that they buy the best products, we thoroughly control all stages of manufacturing process – from working out a design to packaging. The Aurica product assortment is constantly renewed, as we see our goal in offering our customers the possibility to take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies. We care sincerely to introduce only those ideas which can make lives of hearing impaired people easier and more comfortable. Combining the leading-edge technology solutions and time-tested manufacturing techniques, we create uniquely functional and convenient in use devices.

Adhering to the concept of global quality control, we implement it in all, even the minor, areas. For our products we choose only the most reliable components and materials – wear resistant, comfort ensuring and absolutely safe for patients’ health. We manufacture the major elements of our products at modern high-tech facilities under strict control over compliance with manufacturing standards.

Aurica provides not only a wide range of products complying with modern standards, but also the highest quality of service and attentive attitude to each customer.
The pillars of the company’s customer service philosophy are an individual approach and a high level of expertise. We provide a comprehensive after-sales support during an unlimited period of time. No matter what our customers may need – information support, warranty/post-warranty repair or maintenance services – our specialists will be pleased to help them in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.

Opting for Aurica products, you opt for the best value for your money, distinctive design and impressive set of features – and what’s more, we care about your comfort and focus on your individual needs.