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Noise Killer / Catalog / Easy Speak BT – bluetooth compatible induction loop
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Easy Speak BT – bluetooth compatible induction loop
Equipment Specifications
5 588 rub.

Easy Speak BT induction loop is a convenient solution for Noise Killer T-Coil and Noise Killer Custom T-Coil earplugs to enable wireless communication. Easy Speak BT is connected to a cell phone or a two-way radio using Bluеtooth1. The induction loop is placed around your neck, and the microphone is integrated in the base of the loop set. There is no wire connection between the earplugs and the induction loop.

Attention! Easy Speak BT induction loop can be used only with T-Coil models. Its use with Standard models will have no effect because of design specifics of these models.

Compatible with any sound-transmitting devices fitted with Bluetooth.

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