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Noise Killer / Catalog / Aurica 10 – batteries
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Aurica 10 – batteries
Equipment Specifications

Zinc-air batteries required for Noise Killer earplugs. Each battery provides up to 220 hours of continuous operation. All batteries are final sale.

  • 6 batteries per pack
  • Remain functional for up to 30 days after the removal of the protective tab
  • Non-rechargeable


  • To ensure the stated level of active noise cancellation, we recommend changing the batteries before each shooting session;
  • When using Noise Killer earplugs, make sure you have spare batteries with you;
  • When Noise Killer earplugs are not in use for a long time, remove the batteries from the device;
  • Use only zinc-air batteries required for Noise Killer earplugs. Do not use watch batteries as they may damage the device.
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