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Easy Speak – induction loop
Equipment Specifications
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Easy Speak induction loop is a basic solution for Noise Killer T-Coil and Noise Killer Custom T-Coil earplugs to enable wireless communication. Easy Speak is a three-wire system – an external microphone, a PTT1 button and an induction loop to be worn around your neck. There is no wire connection between the earplugs and the induction loop.

Attention! Easy Speak induction loop can be used only with T-Coil models. Standard models do not support wireless communication.

When placing an order, select a suitable model of radio or cell phone – this affects the type of connector to be used.


  • Locate the microphone as close to your mouth as possible;
  • Place Easy Speak under your clothes, and run the part of the loop with the PTT button through your sleeve;
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